Which Laminate to choose for Kitchen Cabinets?

The kitchen is the core and soul of any residence. How one goes about the kitchen décor resonates their taste and style, for this reason, one needs to be wary of the details and finishes. Most of the kitchen surface area is occupied by the cabinets; hence making it essential to choose the right laminate to accentuate the space and personal taste. Laminates are a budget-friendly, hassle-free and trendy finish to gift your kitchen space. Moreover, laminates are available across an array of choices. The choice and type of laminate are subject to one personal preference. The categories of laminates that can be used to accentuate the kitchen cabinets are discussed here.

Digital Print or decorative laminates are available across an array of patterns and motifs. These are the laminates, which resonate a higher aesthetic appeal when it comes to finishes, patterns, and textures. Decorative laminates are used to impart a stylish appeal to kitchen countertops, kitchen furniture like cabinet doors, doors, worktops, wall panelling etc.

These are one of the go-to choices when one is considering laminates for their kitchen cabinets. These are easy to maintain and at the same time can convey a rich taste simply by the choice of the cabinets. These come in dynamic and innovative options to choose. One of the pluses is that this category of laminates is customizable so that it can meet the exact requirements and taste of the user.

To add an energy by means of colour to one’s kitchen space, the choice can be made out of the solid coloured range of laminates. The solid colours help in imparting a certain character to the entire space. These laminates can be used in combination or as a whole according to one’s stylistic preference. The colour of the laminates can solely be based on the colour therapy principles, which can help in soothing, energizing or whichever desired emotion one wants to feel while in the presence of that particular colour.

With the trend of open kitchens on the rise, the colour not only affects the kitchen space but also flows down to the adjacent areas. So the colour choice should be made carefully by keeping in mind the colour theme of the space as a whole.

The wooden texture laminate is the safest go-to option when one is not able to decide if they want to incorporate a pattern, texture or colour in their kitchen. Wooden texture is the evergreen texture, which goes with practically all types of accessories. The wooden texture creates the right contrast for the fittings, materials etc. that form a part of the kitchen. Incorporate this texture to add a dash of richness and elegance to the kitchen space.

For a pristine and a clean look, one can go in for a completely white finish laminate for their cabinets. The negative with all white look is that it needs frequent cleaning to keep the look intact. On the positive end, the all-white look makes one’s kitchen space look expansive and open. The incredible property of white surfaces reflecting most of the light falling on it helps in naturally lighting up the entire kitchen, thus increasing the visual space while providing adequate light. For people conscious about the neat and clean look of the space, all white laminates are the way to go around.

With all the patterns, textures, finishes, colours, so on and so forth comes the choice of either going in for a glossy or a matte finish. Choosing one out of the two of the options is again subject to personal discretion. Some people like the bling while the others refrain from it. Similarly, few people love glossy whilst a few are quite rigid about matte finish laminate.

Both the finishes showcase their elegance in their own sweet manner. The glossy ones accentuate the space by creating a focus on the cabinets in the kitchen. This is because the glossy layer reflects like a mirror and therefore accentuates the cabinets. On the other hand, the matte finish imparts a particular sophistication to space.

But of course, the elegance of both the finishes is also related to the kind of pattern, colour or texture that has been chosen for the cabinets.

There is always a choice to combine multiple finishes in case one is in love with varied finishes for laminates. The selection of the complementing laminates is all based on the balance and harmony created by the colours and textures chosen. One can select an array of complementing finishes of laminates for their kitchen cabinet to derive at the perfect combination for their kitchen space. The combination makes space look lively and full of choices, but one should take care to abstain from making your kitchen cabinets look like a laminate catalogue.

Laminates are a perfect choice of material for furniture pieces that are used regularly. Apart from being inexpensive, these are easy to maintain. These offer an easy way to liven up space by choosing the colour, texture etc. as per the personal penchants. For kitchen cabinets, it is, even more, a preferred material as it can be cleaned very easily by just a swipe of a wet cloth. However, laminates can deliver realistic textures, but there are laminates that can be as plastic and unreal. Just be careful while selecting the one you want for your kitchen and try to visualize it as a whole prior to finalizing it. Another thing to keep in mind apart from the aesthetical quality is to go through the specifications for the extent to which the laminate can withstand heat and moisture. With the array of choices, laminates make for a nice pocket-friendly material for the kitchen cabinets.