How to Maintain the Beauty of your Marble Dining Table?

Marble is known to be used as flooring and building material, but it became used for table tops as well. Marble is a great material for all tables and it has a great popularity. Marble table is an elegant piece of furniture which can impress anyone will enter your dining room. Although marble is always used for square or rectangular dining table, it can be used also as a table top for round kitchen table and other small tables.
In addition to its sophisticated appeal and the great role it plays in the dining room, it never falls out of style due to its contemporary look. Added advantage the marble tables have is that they are durable and long lasting. If you are going to buy a marble dining table you should know that it is important to take proper care of it. The care and cleaning of marble table should be done on a regular basis so that it can last for a long time.
To maintain the best condition of marble dining table, you should first seal the surface especially if it is porous. The sealing is very important because it will protect the marble from stains but it won’t prevent the softer stones from getting starched. You should seal your marble table every year. Marble is a neutral product which should be treated in a proper way.
It is important to use coasters under any drinks to avoid the formation of rings. And it is a good thing to use placemat when serving foods. Avoid placing hard items on the table because in some cases they may cause scratches on the marble surface or chipping the edges. It is safer to cover your table when you have a dinner party as marble can easily absorb and hold the marks of liquids and that can discolor the surface. So buy a table pad to use it when you have guests to ensure that nothing can cause harm to the table.